Strategic Communications & Government Relations

At Yankee Communications, we help our clients impact the decisions of elected representatives and government officials at all levels. We believe that government relations must involve more than direct lobbying; building our clients’ story is essential in today’s complex world of government. Our support tactics include: coalition building, mobilizing nongovernmental organizations, engaging community support, and utilizing traditional media and other forms of communication. While we understand the importance of decision makers, we also recognize the impact that grassroots campaigns can achieve.


Issue Building

Yankee Communications assists its clients by developing and establishing presence, goodwill, commitments and outreach in their respective communities. We also help our clients shape the perceptions of their targeted audience by addressing them from the inception of an emerging issue or project. We are able to develop strategies that introduce and educate key influencers and entire communities about the benefits of our clients’ projects; we know the importance of doing our homework and being prepared. Yankee Communications has the confidence, experience and expertise to place any subject into the public arena.

Our knowledge and experience with many of today’s important, emerging issues are what separates us from the rest of the field. We deliver complex messages that are hard to translate through traditional advertising. Issue management involves proactive identification of our clients’ needs and the constant monitoring of public opinion.


Digital Positioning

It is no secret that a paradigm shift has begun to transform media users and their behaviors. The traditional one-way communication channel of most media outlets has become antiquated, welcoming a generation of two-way communication between the media and its users. The velocity with which messaging is conveyed and the interactive nature of information has had a tremendous impact. Consumers are creating their own content through social media sites, blogs and videos. Public discussion about important issues can be generated from anywhere at any time. We help our clients navigate the changing media landscape so that effective, meaningful messages are distributed and maintained for the right audience at the appropriate time.


Crisis Management

At Yankee Communications, we are extremely adept at dealing with any public opinion crisis our clients might experience although our specialty and intent are to prevent crises before they arise. We help build an early warning system that will inoculate against a public relations disaster. Our team is responsible for analyzing our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats at the onset to ensure that the likelihood of a crisis is dramatically reduced. When you need it most, we will garner public support for your issue, company, idea and reputation.